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9 Benefits of Disconnecting & how to do it

Disconnecting from all distractions is one of the biggest challenges you’re facing today. Your surrounding is full of distractions, which prevents you from having a productive day, staying mentally & physically healthy, or simply enjoying a quiet day in this chaotic world.

Disconnecting will allow you to enjoy the following things:

  • A chance to focus on your creating process.
  • Re-focus on work and on other important things in life.
  • Reconnect you with others more efficiently.
  • A break from the overwhelming emails, social media, and more.
  • Increase your productivity and your sense of satisfaction.
  • More time to be present in your loved one's life.
  • De-stress & relax which will help you lead a healthy life.
  • A peace of mind, which means fewer mental health issues.
  • More time to reflect on life, where you at & where you want to be.

You might think it’s too hard to let go & disconnect. But, it’s not & here’s how to do it:

  • Simply unplug. Unplug your Wi-Fi or disable it. If there’s an emergency they can call you.
  • Set a time daily for disconnection. Disconnect for one to two hours minimum every day. And tell people about those times if you want.
  • Go to a place with no Internet connection. Go to your favorite coffee shop set there & drink you coffee in peace or take it to go & go to the nearest park. The fresh air will do you good.
  • Enjoy the outdoors. Go for a run, jog or walk without a phone and maybe take an iPod and listen to your favorite inspirational music.
  • Activate silent mood. Put your phone in silent mood when you meet with someone to avoid interruptions.
  • Don’t work outside working hours. Once you’re out of work, make sure to focus on matters outside of work. Focus on you & your family instead.

9 Benefits of Disconnecting & how to do it