About Hey Hello Branding August 23, 2022

Helping you stand out online and find excitement, confidence, and success through a stunning online presence is my main mission here at HeyHelloBranding.

Welcome to HeyHelloBranding, Superstar!

This is a magical corner of the internet where dream businesses turn into fabulous, wildly successful realities for the world to see.

But First... Let me introduce myself.

I'm Fadwa Soliman (aka Diaz).

I’m an Egyptian Creative Designer. I run my business on coffee & colors! I’m a bookworm, Award-winning Netflix binger (Thriller, Fantasy or Horror… count me in), and I have an unexplainable love for daisies and the color yellow.

I started my online business journey in 2016. I stumbled A LOT to find my own voice & passion. The idea of having “one thing” to do or be passionate about didn’t appeal to me at all. Like why settle for one thing when I can be more?! Right!

So I created a brand after another and another until I landed here on HeHelloBranding. It has my voice, my passion & my inner spirit, and I’m proud to say that I’m happy I stumbled! Because I gathered everything I learned and started this business to help you and to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes I did. I learned what it really takes to make your brand shine and make you feel great on the inside and proud of your work…. Like, for real!.

I launched HeyHelloBranding this year to be the 1-stop shop for all your online business branding dreams!. It has everything from branding assets, graphics, presets, website templates, to marketing and promotion templates ready to help you make bank.

Need a little secret success potion for your business? Choose Your Wand.

Social Glamour

Social media templates for Engagement boosters, Media kits, Branding kits & More to create a seamless look for your brand.
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Business Glamour

Canva templates for Lead magnets, Client welcome and exit, Services and prices & More to make your business more stylish.
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CEO Glamour

Various services to help boost your business such as, WordPress customization, Audiograms, Video Promotions & more.
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